Multicolor Replacement Enkei RPF1 Wheel Stickers (Set of 2)

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RPF1s are fantastic wheels that combine strength and lightweight at an affordable price. This is your chance to set them apart from everyone else with a custom set of stickers. Light colors like fluorescent yellow and pink look great on black while darker colors like blue or orange look great on silver!

Don't want to be different? Don't worry, you can still get black or red to replace the OE stickers that come with the wheels.

This is a set of 2, multi-color Enkei stickers. Enkei provides 2 stickers per wheel. If you're going for the OEM look you'll need 8 stickers.

The Enkei symbol will be in one color and the text will be in another. If you're looking for a custom color combination please email me and I will add it to the list of options!