16", 17", and 18" Black Caps Delayed

Delivery Delayed

On April 1st, 2022 black caps were ordered with my supplier, however due to a COVID outbreak in the province of China where I have my caps manufactured FedEx is unable to dispatch the packages. 

The caps are completed, just waiting to be shipped, when FedEx is able to ship them I will have them in 3-5 days at which point I will ship all orders the same day I receive the caps.

Silver and Chrome 16-18" and silver and black 15x7" caps are still in stock and will be shipping immediately! I do not anticipate selling out of any other color/size combo before the shipment arrives. 

If you would like to purchase anyways, I will be including a set of 8 (4 sets of 2) rim decals to match your caps free of charge as a thank you for your patience.

I will update this page as I know more on the ETA of the black caps. 

Update 4/15/22 10:40 AM: The shipment has moved out of China and is now in South Korea at Incheon International Airport. Still no ETA provided by FedEx at this point.