16" - 18" ENKEI RPF1 Center Cap (Single)

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This product is for only ONE (1) Enkei RPF1 center cap. 

Fitment Information

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There are two sizes of center caps that fit all RPF1s from 15" through 18" regardless of width or offset.

Products on this website listed "15x7" in the title are for 15x7 wheels with offsets of +41 or +35 (be sure to read further for specific fitment details regarding those wheels). 

Hub bore and offset DO NOT effect center cap fitment. The front hole diameter and the hub bore (rear hole diameter) are not the same. 

Center Cap Depth (all wheel sizes): 

The RPF1 has a unique design compared to other wheels which may cause the axle, axle nut, or other parts of the car to protrude through the center hole of the wheel. These caps allow 5mm of protrusion before the part will contact the cap and prevent it from seating in the wheel properly. 

RPF1 Axle Protrusion
Example of axle sticking too far through an RPF1 wheel

For example, the axle nut on any NA/NB Miata protrudes too far when using the 15x7 +41 wheel for this cap to work. However, this issue does not exist for 15x7 +35 wheel on NA/NB Miatas. 

** Any issues with parts of the car contacting the center cap can be rectified with spacers. **

15x7 +41: 

Our caps will not work with centering rings for this spec of wheel only. There is extra depth to the "teeth" that grab the wheel they will occupy the same space that a centering ring would.

15x7 +41 Back
Back of a 15x7 +41 with center cap installed

These wheels can still be used safely without centering rings, they are merely a device to ensure proper alignment when mounting the wheels. All RPF1s use conical lug nuts which ensure the wheel is perfectly centered on your studs as they are tightened. 

15x7 +35: 

Some solid centering rings will interfere with the "teeth" of the center caps preventing them from properly engaging with the wheel. The centering ring must have a thin wall, or have a groove to allow space for the center cap tooth. 

Centering Ring

15x7 +35 Back

As with the +41 variant, these wheels can be safely run without centering rings. 

Centering Rings with 15x8 +28, 16", 17", and 18" Wheels:

There are no issues running center caps with centering rings any other size/width/offset wheel other than the 15x7 outlined above. This includes all types of centering ring. 

If you have any questions about the above information please use the contact us form at the bottom left of every page to get in touch!


All caps are made from ABS plastic and come with a metal retaining clip to ensure a secure fit in the wheel. Caps are topped with a custom vinyl and epoxy decal made by hand in-house.

Decals are made using premium Avery or 3M vinyl and covered with two-part jewelry-grade epoxy resin to protect them from the elements and keep them looking sharp for years.

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Gerald Chuck
Enkei cap - Quality product!

Simple to install, tight fit ensures a quality look! The caps went on easily, immediately providing
a finished look for the wheel! Quality product!