16" - 18" Enkei RPF1 Center Caps (Set of 4) - Also works for 15x8 +28!

  • $49.99

Set of 4 black center caps designed to fit the center opening for 16" - 18" Enkei RPF1 wheels. Please note: These WILL NOT fit 15" RPF1s except 15x8 +28. Caps for 15" RPF1s are available here. Caps for 14" are being developed, sign up for our mailing list for updates on availability. 

All caps are made from plastic complete with the metal retaining clip and topped with a custom vinyl and epoxy decal.

Decals are made from premium Avery or 3M vinyl and topped with jewelry grade epoxy resin to protect them from the elements. Several vinyl options are exclusive to center cap decals. 

Center caps are sized to fit a 64mm opening in the wheel. The decal itself has a 50mm diameter.

Stand out from the crowd with completely custom caps here!


Center Cap Depth: The RPF1 has a unique design compared to other wheels which may cause the axle, axle nut, or other parts of the car to protrude through the center hole of the wheel. These caps allow 5mm of protrusion before the part will contact the cap and prevent it from seating in the wheel properly. 

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